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Hola! My Blog is Officially Launched...Mexico Style!!!

I am LaVonda also known as the Travel Queen! I'm so excited to finally launch my blog. I am a wife, a mom, and I am a FULL-TIME online marketer, trainer, and coach. I have been able to enjoy a life of FREEDOM and generate a six-figure income.

My Blog Is Going To Be LIT!!!

I am going to just JUMP RIGHT on in...fresh from my 4 day All-Inclusive FAM trip in Riviera Maya Mexico with Karisma Resorts. I love going on these trips to show others how real the travel industry is and how accessible it is for anyone who loves traveling.

I became my own travel agent is because I already loved traveling, I already loved saving money, and I loved sharing my experiences with others.

Turning travel into my business has been very rewarding for so many reasons...

Being able to create a six-figure income, homeschooling my kids, sleeping and waking up without an alarm clock, and traveling at the drop of a dime are just a few of the reasons.

You're probably wondering, what is a FAM trip?

It's is actually a FAMILIARIZATION trip that is exclusively designed for travel professionals to experience a destination or supplier first hand. They are extended to travel agents in hopes that after their experience they will bring more business to the destinations or suppliers. Most of the times these trips are priced literally pennies on the dollar as an investment from the suppliers.

Check Out The El Dorado Room Review - My First Impression

Press Play to Watch the Video

As soon as I got off the plane, I wanted to make sure that I grabbed some food. We received our itinerary ahead of time, so I already knew I would have very limited time to myself. Some FAM's give you a lot of leisure time, and then there's those FAM's that have a ton of properties and the utilize as much of your time to see all that they have to offer.

This view was amazing...

I checked into the El Dorado Royale. This is the resort that actually hosted all of the travel agents who were staying for the FAM TRIP. I'll give my full review on the rooms later, I was not impressed, but later found

out we were staying in the OLDER section of

the resort, so then that explained a lot!

I went to Jojo's because it's name was the same as my baby boy, LOL! I need to send him a picture but let me tell you...

The Gourmet Food was EXACTLY as advertised!!!!

That was some of the BEST fried fish I ever had. It was very flavorful and it was served with greens (literally no dressing) and mushroom wild rice...YUMMY! I wasn't feeling well, so I opted out of the white wine and enjoyed water and Sprite! I would give that meal a 5 Star rating all by itself...

What I love about what we do is we also have the opportunity to share the business with our friends and family and just about anyone who's also interested in turning their passion of travel into a paycheck. My friend/business partner Crystal of Crystallized Effects joined me on this amazing FAM! We were roommates...that alone was interesting but let's just say we travel well together LOL!!! I'll tell more LATER...

Oh the food we tasted tested was delicious, the Karisma brand is all Gourmet Inclusive. They don't believe in terms like "all-inclusive" or "buffet" they have Gourmet Food Displays. Top of the line chefs are trained to deliver the most amazing dishes. This helps set themselves a part from the others.

I thought I heard it all - but the GIN TASTING - experience was definitely a new one for me. I can honestly say, it will continue, not to be my drink of choice. We spent about 20minutes with a mixologist learning the proper way to mix drinks with gin as well as how to taste PURE gin, no chaser!!!

Karisma has something for everyone couples, weddings, and families. In my next blog I'll share more videos and pictures of the properties that we toured so you can get an inside view of what we had a chance to check out!


Ready to become your own travel agent???

I enjoy educating others and teaching them that they do not have to just be spectators but they can own the world right along with me.

If you're interested in learning more go to and enter (travelqueen) as the referral code!

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