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Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Network Marketing!

Words I never thought I would say are "I LOVE Network Marketing!" It's funny how, we can allow other people's experiences to have an effect on our judgement. The only knowledge I had of NETWORK MARKETING were all the people who would "bother me" about joining their business selling products I didn't want to sell. I understood NETWORK MARKETING as something for people who enjoyed bugging folks and forced to sell things to get their hustle on.

I was so wrong! Is it true some people are DOING NETWORK MARKETING wrong..yes?! But is it true that NETWORK MARKETING is a true profession?! ABSOLUTELY!!! That's what I connected with and fell in love with...the PROFESSION of Network Marketing.

Losing my job in 2016 was a true BLESSING! It came at a time where I was beginning to understand the POWER of Network Marketing and it is ultimately the reason WHY I never went back to get another job...

Here are my

TOP 5 Reasons WHY I LOVE Network Marketing,

and maybe one day I'll share the other 95 REASONS!!!

It's true, in Network Marketing you are your own BOSS! But please understand the definition of being your own B.O.S.S. - Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency! I worked for several "bosses" in my Corporate Career nice ones, disrespectful ones, timid ones, unsuccessful ones, just so many. In Network Marketing, I became the BOSS I always wish I had the opportunity to work for. Guess what happened I now have the BEST BOSS I ever had! One who does not limit my creativity, one who does not have a demanding schedule, one who loves my kids, one who encourages date nights with my husband, and one who gives me raises EVERY TIME I ask!

If you learn to work for yourself as hard as you have for other bosses you will earn

What kind of BOSS would you be if you were your own BOSS???

Network Marketing has awarded me with true TIME FREEDOM and PERSONAL FREEDOM. Working a job, I enjoyed being able to work from home, however I still didn't own my time. I was on call 24 hours a day, even on the weekends. I could never truly plan vacation time or time to do the things I wanted to do in fear that my job would need me. Since becoming a FULL-TIME Network Marketing professional I have 100% control of my time. It has been very awarding, in fact, I now homeschool my youngest two children, I don't miss any of my oldest son's college football games, I travel more than 20x a year, and I have MORE time for ME-TIME!

Believe it or not one of the aspects of owning my own time that I love the most, is no longer having to ask for permission to take my children to their doctor appointments. It was one of the things that I never understood, I had EARNED time off, I hardly ever requested time off, but always having to ask for permission to use the time I earned never seemed fair!

What are the things you would do if you owned your own TIME???

Network Marketing allows you to be whoever you want to be and work with whoever you choose to work with. The saying "YOUR NETWORK determines YOUR NET WORTH" is very accurate, especially in Network Marketing. As a loner, introvert, homebody, and bookworm I actually thought the odds were stacked against me because I didn't have a lot of friends, I was only really close to my immediate family, I didn't join a sorority, and didn't have a huge network of people who I had influenced in my lifetime. HOWEVER, I understand business. And with that understanding none of those things mattered, in fact, I believe I more successful than a person who is an extravert who says they can sell ice to an eskimo, more successful than the person who can pack out their home for a cook out, and one who is the ultimate social butterfly.

Most extraverts need validation and once rejected they quit. As an introvert - I am DOING BUSINESS, it's never personal! Being able to use social media built my business over 90%. I have successfully built a network of almost 1,000 agents in my business and over 20k on social media. I have attracted like-minded, positive, motivated, goal oriented, success driven people from all over the world. I am not sure what other industry I would have been able to make that happen!

What do you want your NETWORK to look like???

I have always loved reading, but the books I read were romance novels, books about astrology, and mystery novels. I remember reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill in one of my college courses that shifted my mindset but I had no idea about Network Marketing back then. I also remember a Mary Kay consultant that I always avoided who gave me a book written by Mary Kay Ash "You Can Have It All" and even though I still avoided her, that book also shifted my mindset almost 20 years ago! I adopted the same motto GOD first, FAMILY 2nd, CAREER 3rd in my corporate life and entrepreneurial life! I first learned the power of leverage through my traditional business. In 2008, I read "The E-Myth Revisited" by Michael Gerber - I stopped working hard as a sole proprietor and hired workers to help carry the load reducing my profit but earned so much more of my valuable time.

Since I joined the Network Marketing industry in 2014 my PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT index is on steroids now. I am ADDICTED to the self-help books!!!

Thanks to this industry I have become more positive, I have excellent confidence, and I am down right undeniably RELENTLESS! The books and the events are great enhancements for your personal development.

Here's a FEW of my favorite books (no worries I'll share more later)...

I also love to search YouTube for "motivational speeches" I even search "motivational music". I can always feel a shift in my energy!!! I write in my journal at least ONCE per day but on most days I write two or three times, I don't limit myself in anything that I do. I like to put my thoughts on paper, my daily lessons learned (not to be confused with failure), and experiences. I enjoy going back and reading previous journals as a reminder of where I once was and appreciate where I am should try it!

Watch the video below...One of My Favorites!!!

What are you currently doing to ENHANCE your personal development???

"I built a SIX-FIGURE!" Every time I say that, I blow myself away. I created SIX FIGURES in Network Marketing where I didn't have to sit through an interview, where I didn't have to KNOW an insider, where I didn't have to submit my resume, credentials, or degrees!!!

Did you know that NETWORK MARKETING has created more Six Figure Income earners and MILLIONAIRES than any other industry?!

Read This Interesting ARTICLE from FORBES

Even the average person with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE can create their own level of success in Network Marketing...I proved that!

There's an UNLIMITED amount of income opportunity in Network Marketing. And when you do what you love it never feels like work! I don't have to set an alarm clock because my PASSION wakes me up.

On a part-time basis I created a full-time income, so when my job decided to lay me off I made the decision to turn my part-time Network Marketing profession into a full-time career and it pays but offers more stability and satisfaction than the Corporate Career I left.

Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme and if anyone sells you on the idea that all you have to do is join and you will be successful, they are LYING or they are truly trying to SCAM you and MISLEAD you.

Earning SIX FIGURES in this industry is NOT EASY!

In fact, I knew that in order to earn life-changing income I would have to work hard and smart. I would have to get all the way out of my comfort zone. I would have to connect with people who were already experiencing a high level of success. I would have to study and become knowledgeable as I would in any other business.

Picking the RIGHT company and doing what you LOVE to do is they key to your success as well. The companies I represent are in the TRAVEL industry and the compensation plan is unmatched. I earn PASSIVE income, WEEKLY income, and RESIDUAL income.

To learn more about what I do and how I do it you can

TEXT the word TRAVELQUEEN to 797979 to get information sent to your cell phone.

To have information sent to your email by CLICKING the button below!

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