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You Can Own a Travel Business Without Going to School...

One of the BEST decisions I ever made was learning more about how I could save more money and travel more owning my own travel business!

The funny thing is...I NEVER used a travel agent before I became one.  However, I definitely felt like I was already an agent because I was always the one designated to book travel or I volunteered to do it because I loved it.

I'm also borderline OCD and controlling so I wanted to be the one to choose where we would stay!!

But no kidding...I booked my family travel, girls trips, my son's teams travel, and even my corporate job travel! 

I always thought that you had to get a degree to become a travel agent!   

I also thought travel agents charged more to book your travel! 

And I thought there was not a need for travel agents because of the availability of travel on the internet!!!

It's true, even though the internet has totally transformed the travel industry, travel agents are still needed.

Back in the day, the only way you could book any type of travel was through a travel agent!!! Now days, you can conveniently book your own travel online or even from your smartphone!!!


You are limited!  As a consumer you cannot book everything yourself!

For instance, you cannot book a large number of flights at one time, you can't block a large number of hotel/ resort rooms, you're limited on the number of cabins you can block, and you can't book too far in advance. 

There's also things you cannot access such as payment plans or select luxury travel suppliers. 

These limitations force consumers to book directly through the airline, hotel, resort, or cruiseline or they're redirected to find a travel agent.

No matter where you book travel a commission is built inside of the price.

When you book on publicized websites, even when they say you're receiving a good deal, they earn a commission for your travel.

You do the work by entering all of your own info such as travel dates, destinations, number of travelers, and your payment information.  You receive abooking confirmation but the website receives a commission check

If you book through a travel agent they'll earn the commission. 

If you book directly through the supplier i.e. hotel/resort/cruiseline/rental car/airline - they keep the commission and pay their own staff!

These travel suppliers are paying commission anyway, that's why it makes sense for you to get paid for what you're already doing!!

Multimillionaires are happy, not just because of their wealth, but because they get paid doing what they love to do.  You can do the same thing and you Do Not have to go to school. 

If travel is what you love to do...

If you dream about traveling... 

If you wish you could travel more...

If you are open to learning more about saving more on your travel...

If you're ready to earn more income with travel...

Watch This Video Here

Ready to join my team? 

Click the link below and follow the enrollment instructions.  Be sure to reference my Sponsor ID "travelqueen".

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