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Online marketing came very naturally to me, I believe it's because I treated it like any other business or job I had.  I actually didn't know I was successful until I hit the top income earners in one of the businesses I am in and people who were in the industry for 10 - 20 years longer than I start asking me for business advice.  They would have this look of astonishment when I would tell them I was new to network/online marketing.


I then start searching for successful millionaire online marketers, I start paying for their advice, I start registering for their blogs, only to learn that I had "accidentally" done everything right!  I just simply needed to learn more of the technical things (nothing a little YouTube couldn't teach).  


I have been an introvert my entire life.  People laugh when I say that because they think all introverts are shy.  I have NEVER been shy.  When spoken to I would speak.  I just never had a lot of friends, I was more of a homebody than a socialite, and I would not demand a lot of attention when I would go out and about.    


I knew in order for me to be successful, I had to be creative.  In addition to not having a lot of friends or a huge network to start with, I didn't have a lot of time.  When I started my first online business venture my baby girl (Yaya) was only 1 year old, my baby boy (Jojo) was only 2 years old, my oldest son (Ty) was 15 years old.  Just imagine what my life was like with two toddlers and teenager!  I was also working full-time as a Business Development Manager in the Oil and Gas industry where I was also required to travel 85% of the time.  So YES, I definitely had to find a way to earn a return on my investment in a creative way.


I turned to Facebook.  Now I'll tell you WHY that was a stretch for me, I wasn't really posting on Facebook.  I barely checked my Facebook.  I didn't even realize how much people actually conducted business on Facebook until I start promoting my business.


Considering Marketing and Business Development was my Corporate background experience, I start doing things I knew to do.  Expose and Close!  In my first opportunity, I broke a team record and hit a position that earned me an extra $2k per month and I didn't really know what I was doing.  I had surpassed my sponsor who had 8 years of Network Marketing experience within my first six months of being in the business.


What was I doing that most people didn't?  I simply told everyone what I was doing.  I didn't care if they liked it or not, I didn't care if I knew them or not, I didn't care if they said YES or NO.  I start creating my own flyers, I start posting daily educating my online audience on what I was doing, people start following me, joining me, and I start teaching my team to do the same things.


I realized that I needed to create a blog mostly to show people that there really are average, inexperienced top income earners being successful with online marketing.  As I listen to many of the leaders, I saw that they were not much different than me, they just started earlier than I did.

The most gratifying experience was being able to thank my husband for his support by placing a six-figure ring on his finger.  Coming home to surprise my babies showing them the hard work is definitely paying off, it was one of my most proudest moments!


I look forward to finally tapping into the wealth that I was destined to earn and in the process helping others do the same.  I am blogging my successes, my failures (lessons learned), my entire journey so that you can be inspired and educated to do the same!

I will share FREE business tips, travel deals, training, and of course product reviews.  Everything on my blog is absolutely FREE, however, if click a link and it takes you to another site, chances are that website is paying me for the referral.  (It's only fair and ethical for me to share that with you).  And YES, I will teach you how to monetize your talents and referrals.


     LaVonda Thornton-Bush


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